Main Components of Our Managed Services

At the core of our Managed Services are key components meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with your ongoing operations. We offer a comprehensive IT solution that is not only designed to enhance efficiency but also to minimize downtime. Our tailored Managed IT Services are customized to meet the specific technological requirements of your organization, providing a holistic approach to support your business growth. We take care of your IT infrastructure so you can concentrate on your core business activities. Here are the main components responsible for delivering a reliable and robust IT environment for your business.

Reliable IT Support

We are there when your business needs us. All of our managed IT department agreements include guaranteed response times so you can rest assured that you will have the support you need when it matters the most. Our team works hard to not only meet these response times, but to exceed them. We have developed standardized processes to streamline support requests which enable us to be as responsive and effective as possible. And if there is ever an emergency, our clients know to call us and we respond in a timely manner.

Proactive IT Service

We take great pride in our ability to discover issues at the earliest stages and attend to them before they cause disruption to your business. In most cases we are able to resolve issues without the need of interruption or downtime to your staff based on the tools we put in place. For more serious issues that require planning or scheduling outside of office hours, we are typically able to do so before these become problematic because the issue was detected early on.


We contact you when backups are not being performed as expected, when drives run low on capacity, when drive or memory failures have been detected, when malware has been detected, before subscription or vendor support agreements expire, when laptop batteries have been consumed and when devices are not in compliance with your company policy.


We love utilizing automation. When we automate a majority of menial/repetitive IT tasks in a business environment, it frees up our time so that we may focus on the higher level projects and support requests that would otherwise take a back seat. Automation is the primary job of our maintenance package. This routine maintenance takes away the burden of manual software deployments, printer management, computer tuneups, basic troubleshooting techniques and much more. Maintenance is easily custom-tailored for each clients unique environment.

Proper IT Documentation

Documentation may be the single most important piece of an IT environment. From day one we setup a shared documentation platform where you will have access to any critical IT-related passwords, notes, instructions, manuals and technology review items (including severity of those items). Your business owns this information and not your IT consultant. Therefore it should always be readily available to the business.

Technology Business Reviews

We have a dynamic list that we have developed over the years that contains different IT-related criteria in a easy to read color coded assessment. We compare this list against the current IT infrastructure and cyber security in your business and then pick out the most critical items to discuss at a regularly scheduled meeting. We explain the risks and rewards of each decision and let the business decide on what action to take, if any.

Network Management

We help you connect and stay connected. After completing a network assessment we will be able to provide you with options to increase bandwidth, implement failover solutions to improve resiliency, design a rock solid WiFi solution and educate your team on networking and security best practices. In addition to this we can setup and teach you how to use a number of practical network services that are available to your specific business based on the devices you own.

Vendor Management

We deal with vendors so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time doing so. Please checkout our partner page for a list of vendors that we work with regularly. We work hard to maintain good standing relationships with these vendors and hold them to a certain standard as well. We have chosen to work with vendors who are considered best in class in terms of both solutions and support. We advise the same of our clients when it comes down to choosing a vendor.

Lifecycle Management

Every technical device has an estimated useful life cycle. What many businesses don’t realize is that if they don’t accurately plan for replacement of these devices, they are likely losing a significant amount of money in lost productivity of their staff as well as unnecessary IT expenses for repairs and troubleshooting of aging products. We teach our clients best practices for lifecycle management and help them to plan and budget accordingly to avoid huge fluctuations in IT related costs.

Device Setup

We can help you make the right decisions from the start and plan out a solution that is ideal for the problem or potential limitation you are trying to solve. We are heavily involved in the purchase decisions of our clients and this avoids potential mistakes which can prove to be very costly (short term or long term). Sometimes we deliver the solutions ourselves and other times it makes more sense to have it delivered directly to the business. Either way our clients rest assured that we will configure their devices according to best practices and set them up in a timely manner.


We can help teach your team about security awareness, additional software skills, device hardware tips, automation concepts and much more. We have over a decade of experience with a variety of different devices and software. If there is something you really want to learn, all you have to do is ask. Even if it’s not in our wheelhouse, we may have a resource or direct referral that can provide you assistance. Showing someone a new process or a different way of approaching the same obstacle can save them lots of frustration, time and money.

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