Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?

We can help your business to plan for the event of an unexpected hardware failure, employee accidents or even natural disasters. We have helped other clients of ours outline procedural steps to take when one of these unexpected events has taken place. Without the systems we put in place for our clients, huge data loss is inevitable. Overtime all hardware will eventually fail and some hardware such as a SSD (Solid State Drive), can be very difficult to recover from once there is a failure. Disasters such as earthquakes, fire, water damage and many more can happen at any time and every business owner should be prepared and have an action plan for the worst case scenario.

Backup backup and then backup again.

At Razz Pro we are big advocates of the 3-2-1 backup strategy and highly advise this level of redundancy for any business critical data. Upon initial onboarding we work with our clients on strategy regarding their backups and disaster recovery planning then revisit these initial strategies during our technology business reviews (as needs and priorities change over time). Automating backups is another critical part of our process. Backing up should not be a manual process. With the right tools, proper configuration and ongoing monitoring of backups, a lot of time and money can be saved.

A Backup Solution is ONLY as Good as it’s Ability to be Restored

A backup solution is ONLY as good as it’s ability to be restored. The ONLY way to ensure the integrity of the backups are rock solid is to test restoring backup data on a regular basis.

Cloud Syncing Services are NOT True Backups

And please remember that a cloud based syncing solution (such as Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive), is not a backup. A true backup makes a duplicate copy of your data, allows for restoration based on multiple versioning and therefore is not susceptible to data corruption or accidental overwrite of files.