At Razz Pro we can ensure your communication needs are taken care of by implementing best practices in terms of properly configuring your network for our VoIP service, optimizing call quality, properly testing once the service is configured, supporting you in terms of training/on-boarding and offering redundant internet connections or other failover options to minimize any risk of downtime.

We have been able to save some of our clients thousands of dollars every year while increasing their calling and phone features by switching them over to our VoIP services. Getting started is very simple. All we need is a copy of your most recent phone bill and then we will be able to compare your current pricing and agreement terms to see if you would be eligible to save money and to move from your current provider. Rest assured that you can keep any phone numbers you currently have as they can be ported over to the new service. And lastly, you will have peace of mind knowing that our service has no risk since we do not make you sign any long term agreements. Our VoIP service can easily be added on to your flat rate monthly fee for IT services and IT support.