Are you tired of experiencing downtime due poorly planned IT solutions? The team at Razz Pro is accustomed to the unique IT challenges of the Marketing & Advertising industry. We understand how critical uptime is for your business and can help propose solutions to ensure your team and infrastructure stays up and running. In addition to this we can propose solutions to help you deal with massive amounts of storage and proper backup, disaster and recovery solutions for your specific needs. Having worked with other businesses in your industry in Los Angeles, we are familiar with the strict compliance requirements that need to be met and adhered to. Need help? Reach out to us today.

Why Our Clients Love Working With Razz Pro

Trustworthy, Reliable And Responsive

For more than 8 years, Razz Pro has taken care of our IT support and needs. They discuss solutions with us including the Why and How and implement. Action-oriented and ownership are two terms that apply to working with Ty and Razz Pro. The IT support is immediate, period. When it comes to technology, our business needs quick response and expertise. Razz Pro is the first IT support firm who we have worked with who has our complete trust. Ty is as honest as they come. We recommend Razz Pro without hesitation and recommend that you contact them right away to discuss your issues.

Brad Donenfeld Creative Director
Donenfeld & Associates Inc.

There is no risk and the work speaks for itself!

Razz Pro continues to provide my company with a cost-effective way to implement & streamline our IT needs in the modern era. Whenever they are thrown a curveball, they know how to quickly adapt and find a solution based on proper planning and years of experience. What do you have to lose? There is no risk and the work speaks for itself!

Whitney Sullivan Founder
Size Matters