What is Co-Managed IT Services?

In a Co-Managed relationship your companies existing IT team is supported and helped by our external IT team. We work together and form a close relationship with your internal IT support team so that we can become an extension to them and provide to your organization the tools and processes that in most cases you would not have access to otherwise. We fill in the gaps or deficiencies that exist within your current IT support structure based upon requests as well as thorough analysis and assessments. Let's dive deeper into where this can be of tremendous value to your business.

Significant Improvements to Your Business Productivity

When you enter a Co-Managed IT relationship with us we supply our existing toolset to you and your team. These options and tools are completely customizable and the online portals for each of these solutions can be leveraged by your internal IT team, by our team or in a collaborative fashion. Below is a list of common items that could be included:

  • Ticketing System for Support Requests
  • IT Documentation and Asset Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection
  • Managed DNS Services
  • Anti-SPAM and Virus Filtering
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Cloud Based Managed Backups
  • Cloud Based Managed File Sharing

Below are the three most common scenarios we have found in which Co-Managed IT Services would be a great fit for an existing organization. We can provide the IT services for any one of these individual scenarios as well as a combination of them.

1) A Need for Improved Team Member Support

In this scenario your organizations internal IT team has a handle on IT planning and management/support of major internal IT infrastructure, but either your internal team member support is insufficient or the noise generated by these requests is hindering your ability to complete the higher level tasks on time and/or within budget. If your organizations internal IT team is overwhelmed with password reset requests, printer troubleshooting, basic computer troubleshooting and maintenance or other requests of a similar nature, we can help you with this aspect of support and allow you to focus on the bigger needs and IT strategy of the business.

2) A Need for IT Planning and Support of Major Internal IT Infrastructure

In this scenario your internal IT team has a handle on team member support requests, but there is either not enough time or a limited skill set available to address the larger IT planning and support of major internal IT infrastructure of the organization. If your organizations internal IT team is looking for help regarding best practices, major server management/upgrades, large email migrations, major network management/upgrades or strategic IT planning, we can help to fill in the existing gaps as well as address any major risks and deficiencies.

3) A Need for Better Tools

Even if neither of the first two scenarios apply to your organization, this third scenario can be applied to any organization. By opening up our existing toolset to your team, your organization will increase productivity, be more efficient and significantly reduce the amount of unexpected IT related issues or disasters. These tools can provide real time insights, reporting and proactive monitoring of the vast majority of IT systems within your organization. We offer this as a stand alone option for Co-Managed IT Services or as a combination with either of the first two scenarios listed above.

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A lot of managed service providers have a one size fits all approach. The team at Razz Pro is unique. They embrace the end-user support role and strive to encourage and educate our users. It’s great to collaborate on changes or new solutions and know they will be executed with minimal friction or hand-holding.

Jeremy L IT Director
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