Free Dark Web Scan for Small Business Owners

At no cost or obligation, we’ll run a Dark Web scan for confidential data, passwords, login details and more for your company. This service is free and 100% CONFIDENTIAL. Your report will be delivered within 24 hours by one of our team members.

You’ll Receive

A detailed report on actual usernames, passwords, login credentials and other sensitive data on your and your employees being sold on the Dark Web RIGHT NOW.

A free 30-minute consultation with one of our team members to answer your questions and provide advice on how to protect yourself based on what we find.

Absolutely free with no obligation, risk or expectations.

Confidential, your results will NOT be shared with anyone but the CEO or owner of the organization.

What is the Dark Web?

Whether it’s drugs, human trafficking, theft of intellectual property or personally identifiable information (PII), or any other criminal activity you can think of, the Dark Web is the playground of todays cybercriminals. It is where any company, whose credentials have been compromised will find them openly for sale to the highest bidder. And that person plans to use them against you. Worse still, you won’t even know your credentials are for sale on the Dark Web until it’s too late; you’ve been breached!

How do they get my credentials?

Employees use their work email to access other businesses all of the time; for work and for pleasure. These sites, like those below, are out of your control and may or may not have proper security measures to protect them; leaving your business vulnerable to a breach.

  • Email Services
  • HR & Payroll
  • Banking
  • CRM
  • Travel Sites
  • Social Media

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